About Us

We believe that people have the right to communicate and transact in private. They should have complete faith in what they see and do online and be confident their personal information is secure.


Formidable CA (digital Certificate Authority) delivers state-of-the-art solutions for verifying and authenticating websites, and proprietary software, securing emails and facilitating secure transactions with our ground-breaking E-Commerce platform. Our Postcode Lookup solution enables faster form-filling which saves time and improves database integrity.


Our industry-leading encryption technology ensures that visitors to a Formidable CA authenticated website know instantly who it belongs to and that any transactions are secure. Creators of software can “digitally sign” their products so that end-users know they’re using “the real thing” and emails can be secured so the sender can


be confident their mail won’t be interfered with and the reader can verify the sender is genuine.


Our international team is drawn from the fields of Law, Accounting, Banking, IT, Publishing and Media. We’ve learnt our lessons from our shared experience in the “real world” and are determined to continue to develop and supply technology that is accessible, relevant, highly effective and inexpensive. Further to that, we’re continuing our efforts to simplify or “de-mystify” SSL and Digital Certificates, making them easier to understand, more affordable and easier to acquire and thereby more widely used.



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