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Formidable CA SSL and Digital Certificates


Formidable CA SSL Certificates are the quickest way for businesses to protect customer interactions and transactions with SSL Certificates. Issuance is fast and a highly secure environment is created within minutes. Highest available levels of encryption strength 2048 bit signatures and up to 256 encryption means we offer the highest possible levels of security (the key length complies with the National Institute of Standards and Technology –NIST- in America). 100% online application and validation systems ensure issuance of Formidable CA SSL Certificates in minutes which is perfect for businesses on the move that need security without the usual waiting times. Our SSL Certificates are embedded in all major browsers and devices making them recognised by 99.3% of the internet population and maximising the reach of your business. Our Digital Certificates present the same levels of encryption, browser ubiquity and speed of issuance.


E-Commerce Solutions


Our technology protects your site and your customers by going further than other sites with double layers of protection throughout the entire transaction or buying process (Most E-Commerce sites only securing the actual payment process and not the critical entries before and after the registration details, the order, invoice, receipt etc). The SSL levels of security detailed above are incorporated throughout our end-to-end platform and underlying it all is an independent secondary level of encryption of equal strength. This provides unsurpassed levels of security and covers those times when you may be without the SSL layer and therefore vulnerable (eg: your certificate has expired and someone in your organisation has neglected, for whatever reason, to renew it). All correspondence relating to the transaction is secure and protected for complete security and peace of mind.


Formidable CA Postcode Lookup


The database works seamlessly with your systems with updates from Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF®) every day making about 35,000 automatic changes a week to the 28 million records available for lookup.


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